I have below Peice of code which is chekcing if its sandbox then run If part else run Else part

    if(runningInASandbox()) {
                    return getSsoRedirect('one', startUrl, requestAttributes); //call sso flow 
                else {
                    return getSsoRedirect('two',startUrl, requestAttributes); //call sso flow 

Now I am running test class its covering if part ,beacasue i am running from sandbox.how to cover else part as well in test class.Please suggest


Since the result will not change typically from run to run you need a way to be able to set the result if you want. Lazy loading helps. Then in your test you can set it to return a value

@testVisible private static Organization org {
              If(org == null){
                     Org = [select isSandbox from organization limit 1];


               Return org;




Public static Boolean runningInASandbox(){

     Return org.isSandbox;


Then in your tests set

ClassName.org = new Organization(isSandbox = true;

Note I typed this on mobile so will probably be buggy or need slight mods

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