We are transitioning from classic to lightning and we are using a lot of URL hacks to pre populate standard page fields from List buttons. Is there any other solution except creating actions, where we can re-use the existing URL hacks somehow?

Thanks in advance


URL hacks are completely unsupported in Lightning. Creating Quick Actions is the recommended route to replace these buttons, and in many ways it's actually a better solution. Quick Actions are a lot easier to create and maintain than URL hacks, and allow you to prepopulate fields using Predefined Field Values set within the Quick Action setup UI.

Salesforce offers a conversion tool you can try out. It may or may not work with your specific customizations, but if they're compatible, it could be a head start on performing the conversion work.

  • Never knew about the conversion tool - thank you for the fantastic link! – Brian Miller Jul 11 at 15:15

An alternative, if it fits with your use case, is a component developed by Doug Ayers - the SFDX Record Create URL Component. This is great if you are wanting to pre-populate fields in a Lightning record creation "dialog" opened from a lightning page where you want to substitute values in via parameters. See his blog posting about the motivation and use case.

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