I'm brand new to SQLs and need to pull a report to show the number of spam complaints our system has and which Job Ids/email sends they are associated with.

Would the SQL look like this?

SELECT ListID, SubscriberKey, EventDate as [COMPLAINTDATE]
FROM _ListSubscribers

When I tried to test it, I keep receiving an error that ListID and EventDate aren't valid.

  • In addition, I've tried this formula as well and have received an error SELECT ListID, SubscriberKey, (Unsubscribe_Reason='Spam_Complaint'), FROM _Subscribers – Breana Jul 10 '19 at 17:13

EventDate is not a field on _ListSubscribers. See all fields available on the _ListSubscribers Data view. You may want to use CreatedDate and depending on if you are on the parent BU or child BU, you may want to add ent..

SELECT ListID, SubscriberKey, CreatedDate as [COMPLAINTDATE]
FROM ent._ListSubscribers

Also if you're looking for complaints, you're in the wrong data view. Use the _Complaint data view.

SELECT ListID, SubscriberKey, EventDate as [COMPLAINTDATE]
FROM ent. _Complaint
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