I have a 3rd side that makes a redirect to my VF page (A Force.com Site) with params.

<form id="AFormId" action="A Force.com Site" method="post"
            target="_parent" enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"  >

            <input id="SuperID" value="123456789"/>


Because the params cant be seen in the URL (Security issue) I would like to get it in the server side- Controller.

Is there a way to get the param ("SuperID") in my controller? without another class to expose methods to handle with post\get requests? - Means without a class with @RestResource(urlMapping = 'someUrl').

All I want is to have the params in my controller and manipulate the Data in it.

I prefer the POST method but I will be comforted with the GET method as well.


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