I want to create hyperlink text on Long Text Area field.While creating a flow I used following link in formula field. hyperlink("https://.my.salesforce.com/a021100000GblsrAAB/a0311000007oFjp",{!RelatedAcc.Name}) and updating a long text area field on Account object It displays the link in following text format. _HL_ENCODED_https%3A%2F%2.com_HL_Test+Case_HL__blank_HL_.

Instead of link it displays _HL_ENCODED_ and _HL__blank_HL_ . Is there any way out to display the link on long text area field on multiple text link using flow. For example Test Case1, Test Case2


Create a Variable in flow and insert "https://.my.salesforce.com/a021100000GblsrAAB/a0311000007oFjp" as variable value.

After that while updating field use Variable name instead of direct link.

  • I created a variable txtlink and added link in default value. Also , added in formula field like Hyperlink(txtlink,”Test Case”). This formula field is going to update Long Text Area Field. Still ,displaying same HL_ENCODED
    – s.cloud
    Jul 10 '19 at 7:15
  • Change Long Text area to Rich Text Area Text Area (Rich) Allows users to enter formatted text, add images and links. Up to 131,072 characters on separate lines. Jul 10 '19 at 9:16

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