I have a situation not sure how to solve.

Trying to make a pick list field with 4 choices for all users except Administrator and 2 specific users. There will be 15 other choices for Administrator and 2 specific users.

The field is Payment Terms, on Opportunity. Right now, its Read Only on Opportunity Page Layout.

We have:

Opportunity - Payment_Terms__c is a Formula(Text) field. ‘Payment Terms(Text) = Account.Payment_Terms__c’

…. So it points to:

Account - Payment_Terms__c is a Formula (Text) field. ‘TEXT(Payment_Terms_Admin__c)’

… which points to:

Account - Payment_Terms_Admin__c is a Picklist field. Description: (Default Value set by Account Record Type)

There are 2 Account Record Types: ABC and XYZ. Default value is set to PREPAY for ABC Account Record Type. Default value is set to Prepaid for XYZ Account Record Type.

The Payment_Terms_Admin__c value is stored on the Account, so I'm not sure how I could make it editable on the Opportunity and only apply to that Opportunity, if the Opportunity is already looking at the Account for this value.

Was considering approaching this with a Validation Rule but wanted to get advice on what direction makes most sense.




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