Hi Guys i am updating globalvalueset from batch and sorted is true everytime but when i run the batch first time and if sorted checkbox is not checked then its getting checked. and when i run the batch again its getting unchecked though sorted is true. if i run again third time its getting checked again..

following code for updating.

//preparing json
string JSONPicklist = prepareGlobalPicklistJSON(listofPicklistValue, gPicklistLabel, gPicklistAPIName);
        //Store GlobalPicklistId's in custom setting. and change when code moved to new org
        ToolingAPICalloutUtility.updateGlobalPicklist(JSONPicklist, gPicklistId);

method to prepare json based in wrapper class :

 static string prepareGlobalPicklistJSON(map<string,string> listofPicklistValue, string gPicklistLabel, string gPicklistAPIName) {

    list<GlobalPicklistJSONWrapper.PicklistValue>  PicklistValueList = new list<GlobalPicklistJSONWrapper.PicklistValue>();
    for(string pVal:listofPicklistValue.keySet()) {
        PicklistValueList.add(new GlobalPicklistJSONWrapper.PicklistValue(false, listofPicklistValue.get(pVal), pVal)); 

    GlobalPicklistJSONWrapper.MetadataObj  metadataObj1 = new GlobalPicklistJSONWrapper.MetadataObj(PicklistValueList, gPicklistLabel);

    GlobalPicklistJSONWrapper.globalPicklist globalPicklistObj = new GlobalPicklistJSONWrapper.globalPicklist(metadataObj1, gPicklistAPIName);

    //string JSON_P = JSON.serialize(globalPicklistObj);
    string JSONPicklist = JSON.serialize(globalPicklistObj).replace('default_Z', 'default');
     system.debug('Debug JSONPicklist '+JSONPicklist);
    return JSONPicklist;


wrapper class i am using :

 public class MetadataObj {
    public List<PicklistValue> customValue;
    public string masterLabel;  //Global Picklist Label Name
    public boolean sorted;   //make picklist sorted always.

    public MetadataObj(List<PicklistValue> cValues, string mLabel) {
        customValue = cValues;
        masterLabel = mLabel;
        sorted = true;


as you can see in wrapper class i have always added sorted as true.

What am i doing wrong here?

Thank you in advance.

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