I'm receiving a PDF in Base64 from an external web service, the PDF is received in JSON along with some other details. Is there anything I can do to avoid the Heap size being blown when converting the JSON to a string? I've already tried using a @future method to increase the Heap to 12MB but the requirements state that a larger PDF may be sent. Without using an external service to deserialize I'm not sure if this is possible. Also, a second PDF may be included within the same payload.

JSON Example:

    Info: {
      contract: "xxxx",
      Location: "xxxx",
      Code: "xxxx",
      form: "xxxx",
      DateTime: "xxxx",
      PDF1:  "xxxx",
      PDF2: "xxxx"

The governor limits are (mostly) absolute. You especially cannot violate the 6MB/12MB limits for callouts. You would need to use an external service (e.g. Heroku, Amazon AWS).

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