I am using Automations and an Import File Activity to ingest events logs in a specific data extension.

Salesforce is reading a log of successive events, so I am leaving blank field in my CSV log to be completed afterward. For instance, here is the type of .CSV file I am able to create:


And I want my Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data Extension to look like (the event_id is my primary key):


The issue here is that using the Update option in the Import File activity, Salesforce will only keep the last version of the event, as if I could replay every field instead of giving them one after another. So the result would be:


I am wondering whereas it is possible for the Import file Activity to ignore blank field so I can successively update different field in my Data Extension. Is there a way of doing that ?


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You should think about your structure once again.
It would make more sense to have a data extension with:


Then the primary key would stretch over event_id and subevent_id. Therefore each subevent has its own row and you can run SQL Queries if you are set on your data extension design to get to that look.

  • I thought about it thanks, but I greatly simplified the problem, and there are quite a few fields... Changing my structure according to your advice would prove quite complicated by now.
    – sutrej
    Jul 4, 2019 at 14:00

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