Any idea how to get Custom Objects like ProfileSkillEndorsement, ProfileSkill & ProfileSkillUser in my Scratch Org. I have created a Scratch Org but during my metadata deploy I am getting the Error as below for Profiles:

"error": "In field: object - no CustomObject named ProfileSkillEndorsement found",

There should be some setting that would enable the Object in my Scratch Org as there is no "__c"

Many thanks in advance


These are standard objects seems to be part of Work.com feature in Salesforce, you can enable them in classic by navigating in setup: Build -> Customize -> Work.com -> Work.com Settings and enable Skills Settings:

enter image description here

In case you want to automate enabling of the settings, you could write a small script and enable them using Puppeteer as stated by wade wegner on twitter.

  • Thanks @Raul Is there a way to have incorporated in the scratch Org ? – Varun SFDC Jul 4 at 11:53
  • I lookup up, does not seems to be possible to do this via Scratch Org Definition file. There is an old question with that Enable work.com settings in Scratch Org Definition File with SalesforceDX – Raul Jul 4 at 12:02
  • So I guess you would have to enable setting manual after scratch org creation and before doing a push. – Raul Jul 4 at 12:23
  • Unfortunately Yes :( – Varun SFDC Jul 4 at 12:42
  • I added some more details in answer, you can use Puppeteer to automate things and incroporating in your DX flow – Raul Jul 4 at 12:43

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