Currently we have a requirement of getting the customer retention rate of last 30 days to the Dashboard and Have historical data of it to do the trend analysis, where customer is contact, end user type. Our approach was have contact type joined report to get the All Active End users (E) , All New Active End which is created in last 30 days(N) and All Active End users created before last 30days(S)

Customer retention rate (CRR) = ((E-N)/S) * 100

1) We have build up a cross block formula to calculate CRR value which is shown at Grand total section. Now we need to get this value to our dashboard as a percentage value. but we couldn't get this value in to dashboards. since the chart is not picking up the grand total value (CRR)

2) we would like to save CRR value for trend analysis. We know that there is a limitation with joined report to have a snapshot. is there any other workaround for this?

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