I'm very familiar with setting up a CloudPage to capture data into a data extension, but I can't find the right resources for embedding a form outside of CloudPages.

If I'm looking to create a form (name, title, and email) on an HTML website that already exists, what is the best way to send that form data into a data extension?

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You can use DEManager to add information via a web form to a data extension instead of a subscriber list. The functionality acts similarly to the Web Collect form, but the sample code uses different tags to place information in the data extension.


A more complex solution would be leveraging Marketing Cloud API Asynchronously Insert Data Extension with a back-end service like JAVA, Node, etc.


  • DEManager is exactly what I was looking for. Tested and works perfectly within the site. Thank you! Jul 15, 2019 at 22:23

You can use an iFrame to include your form on an external website, once filled in, will populate the data correctly into your DE:


Tested and working.

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