A costumer has implemented a button which through VF page makes a call to consume a web service, sending information of an opportunity, the related account and the contacts information. Typically, it works.

Currently there is an issue with an specific record which receives the response of the WS in error (Web Service callout failed: WebService returned to SOAP fault: Server was unable to read request ---> There is an error in XML document (1, 3959) ---> Input String was not in a correct format)

As the debug was not clear enough, I created a custom object to obtain the request in a record and try to see the wrong field. In fact the process creates two records; The first one using the method JSON.Serialize (request) and another one using The String.valueOf (request). I've converted the JSON record into XML using an online app, but when I try to identify in the XML the specific location (1, 3959) loks like it is not the corresponding field, some forums says that not necessary that the problem must be in the specific location the error indicates. I hope somebody could guide me or maybe indicate me where the error is and what is it about. The process in the WS is sending to much information and I don't have the experience or maybe the required skills to identify the error faster.

Thanks a lot. I´ll really appreciate any kind of help

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