I have been doing some research and I am unable to find the correct endpoint for fetching Metadata Types & Components.

Somehow, in workbench they are able to fetch this information and it can be found by logging in to workbench -> info -> Metadata Types & Components.

The REST explorer in workbench does not have an endpoint that would lead me to this data it seems, so I am hoping someone here would have a better knowledge of this than me.

Thank you in advance.


These are the "describe" calls. There's two basic calls.

Describe Global


Lists all types of objects you have access to, and various properties (such as user permissions and certain REST URLs).

Describe sObject


Describes fields, record types, related children, and other related information for an object.

Other calls are also available. Please read the REST documentation for more details.

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  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm not too worried about fetching data for a specific object as I can find the endpoints for those. The data that I am really interested in is the metadata components, if confused, by following steps mentioned above with workbench you can see what I am interested in. The data that I am interested in can be found under "flow" in workbench (follow the steps, select flow) and it contains ids of processes. – BreadMAN Jun 30 '19 at 12:12

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