It's been a while since I have dived into Salesforce's Flow product and before the Flow Lightning UI refresh rolled out.

I have done this in the Flash based UI so I am puzzled but what I am doing wrong now.

Use-case: A user is prompted to associate an existing record in Salesforce to another by creating a junction object.

Problem: I am getting stuck on the part after the user inputs a keyword which then drives a contains Lookup tool. The Lookup tool stores a single record to a variable-- however, how can I display this variable as a choice selection in a screen for the Flow end-user to decision on?

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The Get Records element in the new Flow Builder parallels the old Fast Lookup, and it comes with an option to support selecting more than one record to a Record Collection variable.

To configure that choice, double-click on the Get Records element to open its Edit screen. Then, find the section shown below:

Flow Builder screenshot

Select, as shown here, "All Records", and name an sObject collection variable, to store all of the records matching the query that you specify.

  • Thanks @david reed, I did get to this part and was able to store those records into an sObject collection variable. My challenge now is actually displaying those records back to the user in a subsequent Flow Screen as a series of choices they can select from
    – GPP
    Jun 29, 2019 at 18:05

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