I'm looking for a way to find subscribers engaging with us through social and create data extensions for them for later targeting. I know I can create a case through a macro, but is there any other connection to Sales Cloud or Email Studio functionality from within Social Studio?


There is no connection of this type. This is not a functional limitation but a legal one.

Most countries laws and also the social networks terms of use require the users consent to be added to a marketing data base. Your scenario effectively precludes this requirement.

Under those circumstances your process will also violate the Salesforce terms your company (or your customer) signed at the risk of a contract penalty and service shutdown. This is supposed to prevent harm to the Saleaforce sender reputation caused by too many unsolicited e-mail (Spam).

Summarized: Don't do this at all :)

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  • Thank you, Stephan. How about for the subscribers who are using social media? Is their any connection between the clouds and Social Studio in that regard, aside from the case/service macro? – McdonaldZip Jun 27 '19 at 18:54
  • The only standard one I'm aware of is with Advertising Studio. This allows to target Twitter users in Advertising Studio based on Twitter search profiles created in Social Studio. – Stephan de Paly Jun 27 '19 at 20:01

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