All of a sudden my code stopped working today. I query in a community controller to check if the logged in user has a certain permission set to perform certain actions.

I tried breaking my query out to investigate however within the PermissionSet query, I receive the following error:

"FATAL_ERROR System.ExternalObjectException: INVALID_TYPE: sObject type 'PermissionSetLicense' is not supported."


SELECT Id FROM PermissionSet LIMIT 10

Original Query:

SELECT PermissionSet.Name, PermissionSet.Id, PermissionSet.Label 
FROM PermissionSetAssignment 
WHERE AssigneeId != null 
AND AssigneeId = :userId 
AND PermissionSetId IN (SELECT Id FROM PermissionSet WHERE label LIKE 'Test%')

This last query simply throws an internal server error.

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It looks to have been a Salesforce error. Mine was having the issue but is working again.


Hi This is occurred due to sales force patch update (Version 11.1) .They are rolling back this patch , Now it is working.If it isn't working please raise sales force case

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