I am really struggling with what I assume should be a pretty simple process.

High level requirement: Customer submits a Facebook Ad Form, and this triggers an email send from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

What I have so far: I have correctly linked our Facebook Ad Form to the Salesforce Lead Capture function in Advertising Studio, and submissions are populating an auto-generated data extension with the form fields.

What I cannot figure out how to do is to trigger an email send every time new data is added to that Data Extension.

I tried to build a Triggered Email that references it, but as it was auto-generated by the Lead Capture process, it isn't set up like the TriggeredSenDataExtension template and as such doesn't show up as selectable when building the Triggered Email.

I also tried using Journey Builder, but can't see any way to make that a real-time triggered journey, it only lets me set a schedule, and that can only be repeated at a minimum of every hour.

Has anyone successfully set up an automated welcome email trigger for data captured in a Facebook Lead Ads Form?


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