Does anyone know the name of the below component, and whether/how it can be used programmatically for custom implementations? It would be very useful to notify our internal users of new custom features that our development team is releasing.

I noticed Salesforce is using a notification method in LEX that shows a dockable pop-up panel that is anchored to the bottom of the screen and is minimize-able. In this case it was alerting me to try using a new (Summer '19) feature.

New notification panel

Minimized panel


The subscriber-customizable version of this feature is called In-App Guidance:

From Setup in Lightning Experience, enter In-App Guidance in the Quick Find box, and then select In-App Guidance. Click Add Prompts to open the prompt authoring bar in a new browser tab. Navigate to the app and page where you want to place the prompt, and click Add Prompt. A window opens to walk you through the steps and preview your prompt.

It's in beta as of the Summer '19 release, and currently only supports declarative creation/customization. You can only include rich text (with very limited formatting options, not including inserting images) and a single link. You can specify a time window to display it and filter it to users having specific Permissions. More information is in the FAQ.

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    Thanks, @Thomas! Hadn't perused the Summer '19 release yet--there it is! I had hoped for support for images and more (sounds like you'd hoped for this as well), though I suppose we can link to a Lightning page that has more information (including images) as a stop-gap until they enrich this feature. Really love that they're adding this one. Thanks again – Bow-chicawow-ers Jun 24 '19 at 17:48

From a programmtic Perspective I think you refer to the utility bar (which can be used in lightning apps and in which you can place Lightning Components): https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.220.0.api_console.meta/api_console/sforce_api_console_js_utility.htm

That is an unsupported native Experience for LWCs though (aura wrapping could work). It is only useable in the referenced context - there is no base component to get a similiar look & feel somewhere else.

If you would like to create a custom component those slds classes may help: https://lightningdesignsystem.com/components/docked-utility-bar/

  • Thanks, @Renji-xD, though I was looking for the new In-App Guidance feature that Thomas noted above. Looks like it's still beta and only supports declarative customization currently. – Bow-chicawow-ers Jun 24 '19 at 17:53

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