Is there a way to import Data with DataLoader \ Wizard using 2 keys?

For example - I want to import Data (Upsert) when the unique key is actually built from 2 keys :

externalId field and a recordTypeId.

Account 1 :

ExternaliD: 111

RecordtypeId: 222

Account 2:

ExternaliD: 111

RecordtypeId: 333

Now I cant UPSERT the data only with the externalId field because it's not unique, But the recordttypeId and the ExternalId together are unique

How can I achieve it? (Without creating a new field and concatenate the field and the recordType)


  • u want to upsert it to a record rt? – learningmode Jun 24 at 10:40
  • Hi I just edited the question.. – Salvation Jun 24 at 10:47
  • Hi u can do two uploads based on recordtypeId.. – learningmode Jun 24 at 11:19

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