I am trying to select child records (Quote Template) from the Parent (Template Content). I am not 100% sure what is wrong here:

Child relationship name : QuoteTemplatesFooter; Parent object: SBQQ__TemplateContent__c

select id,
(select id from QuoteTemplatesFooter__r)
from SBQQ__TemplateContent__c

Error:Didn't understand relationship 'QuoteTemplatesFooter__r' in FROM part of query call

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Relationship names that are part of managed packages include the package's namespace, as both fields and objects do. If you've validated that the relationship name is QuoteTemplatesFooter by inspecting the relationship field on the child object, you'd need to use

(SELECT Id FROM SBQQ__QuoteTemplatesFooter__r)
FROM SBQQ__TemplateContent__c

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