I am hosting my Cloud Pages over HTTPS and I am having some issues due to Content builder assets being "http://"... What would be a correct way to ensure Content Builder uses "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP"

I have to host some of my content externally.

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You’ll need an SSL certificate and the images that you host on Marketing Cloud will also be secure if you purchase 2 SSL certificates.

There are two configuration options for the SSL certificate:  1. Securing microsite, landing page, or CloudPage URLs which would typically use your existing Sender Authenticated domain (e.g. pages.SAPdomain.com, cloud.SAPdomain.com, or pub.SAPdomain.com). With this option we can also secure view. and click. URLs for links within your SFMC content.

  1. Securing portfolio content URLs, which use your existing Sender Authenticated domain (e.g. image.SAPdomain.com).

If you have external resources, you’ll need those on https://.

SSL is not included in our Sender Authentication Package, but can be purchased as an add-on to secure microsite, landing page, or CloudPages URLs or image URLs in an account.

You will need to reach out to support or your account executive.

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