In my organization, we have Salesforce Lightning Professional Edition, so the way we manage to present "dynamic" dashboards for each of our users (sales-representatives and managers) is duplicating the dashboards and set the "view as another person" to the specific person in a restricted folder. That way, sales-reprsentatives can't see each other information, but managers can see the information of all of them in a macro dashboard. This of course is not ideal, but is the solution we found for the moment.

Now, because our managers also have his/her own clients and oportunities, they also need a custom dashboard just showing up the information of themselves.

The problem with this is, that because of their role and profile (Manager), the dashboard would keep presenting them the whole information of the sales-repr. ¿How can I be able to give them a dashboard with macro information and a dashboard with just his/her own comercial progress?

Thanks to all!

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