I am trying to connect VSCode with my SF org(a trailhead org) and I get to the SF login page and then when I try to login, I get the following error: VSCode error

I am not sure why this is happening but I believe it's caused because I am trying to do this behind a company firewall.

I have tried killing the 1717 port and then re-run, but I still face the same issue.

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    Getting the Salesforce CLI to work from behind a firewall or proxy can be challenging. See this documentation for the necessary config steps. What would be more helpful (but probably not much) than the screenshot from your browser, is the Output panel in VS Code when you try to authorize to the org. It can also be helpful to run the command directly from the cmd command line - the sfdx force:org:connect -a [alias] command. Jun 21, 2019 at 13:26
  • Hi, thank you for the quick response. This is what I get in my VSCode when I am trying to login: 'Starting SFDX: Authorize an Org 16:32:19.459 sfdx force:auth:web:login --setalias vscodeOrg --instanceurl login.salesforce.com --setdefaultusername ERROR running force:auth:web:login: self signed certificate in certificate chain 16:32:24.903 sfdx force:auth:web:login --setalias vscodeOrg --instanceurl login.salesforce.com --setdefaultusername ended with exit code 1' . I am new to this so if I should provide more details, please let me know and I will do my best to provide them.
    – Mihaela
    Jun 21, 2019 at 13:33
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    There are answers here and here that may help with that error. Jun 21, 2019 at 13:54


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