I have a very simple page. It has one smart capture form with three fields. It is supposed to insert data into a data extension like below:

enter image description here

According to this page I should be able to customise the actions under a process tab, and even change the form through AMPScript, however I don't see those options or any AMPScript to edit.

The smart form can insert data into the extension correctly, however when I try to update information I get the following error:

jquery.min.js:2 POST http://cloud.helloworld.com/upsert-test/smartcapture/post 500 (Internal Server Error)

How do I accomplish an upsert, it seems that this used to be possible!

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That documentation is for Smart Capture forms for legacy Landing Pages/Microsites within Email Studio. The Cloud Pages Smart Capture documentation is below.


No upsert option exists in CloudPages currently. The workaround is to create a custom form via HTML on your landing page and then within the form you could implement the upsert via ampscript.


  • Unfortunately correct, sadly it looks like SFMC is regressing in terms of functionality, but the documentation stays out of date... Jul 19, 2019 at 2:22

I am seeing updated documentation where it says that "Upsert to Data Extension" is now available for Smart Capture.

This is done via Smart Capture Form Actions

Please see additional resources:



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