When I try to create a OutOfOffice record with which the other user is not my own user in apex, Salesforce throw the DML error ("INVALID_ACCESS_LEVEL, Only Self User can update the Out Of Office Message"). Only throw this error if the Profile user isn´t System Administrator.

The class is without sharing.

public without sharing class OutOfOfficeHelper {

This is the class:

public static void set(Id userId, String message, String sStartDate, String sEndDate) {
    DateTime startDate = DateTime.ValueofGmt(sStartDate.replace('T', ' ')); 
    DateTime endDate = DateTime.ValueofGmt(sEndDate.replace('T', ' ')); 

    // extract existing record
    Id outOfOfficeId;
    for(OutOfOffice o: [SELECT Id FROM OutOfOffice WHERE UserId = :userId]) {
        outOfOfficeId = o.Id;
    upsert new OutOfOffice(
        Id = outOfOfficeId,
        UserId = userId,
        IsEnabled = true,



You can not update UserId field on OutOfOffice object. You can only - (Create, Filter, Group, Sort) the UserId of OutOfOffice object.

Refer here:- OutOfOffice Soap Developer Guide

As a workround, You can delete the OutOfOffice record and create a new one with the new userid.

Also, Users can set only their own out-of-office message. An admin can set an out-of-office message for any user.

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