I have a requirement where i need to send the data in email body with tabular format. I used to fetch data using batch class and then written a method which used to create body of html email template. But email body data didn't come in tabular format.

Class :

global class AssetEndOfLifeBatch implements Database.Batchable, Database.stateful{

global string subject;
global string body;
//global string finalStr = 'Asset Number, Product Number, Product Name, Serial Number, Asset End Of Life\n';
global List<Asset> assetList = new List<Asset>();

global Database.QueryLocator start(Database.BatchableContext BC){
    return Database.getQueryLocator('SELECT Name, ProductCode, Product2.Name, SerialNumber, Asset_End_Of_Life__c FROM Asset WHERE  Asset_End_Of_Life__c != null');
global void execute(Database.BatchableContext BC, List<Asset> assetList1){
global void finish(Database.BatchableContext BC){
    system.debug('**** Final String *** ' + assetList);

    Integer year = Date.Today().Year();
    string yearValue = string.valueOf(year);
    Messaging.SingleEmailMessage email =new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
    String[] toAddresses = new list<string> {'rranjan642@gmail.com'};
    String subject ='ATTENTION: ';
    email.setToAddresses( toAddresses );

    String emailBody = gethtmlBody(assetList);
    Messaging.SendEmailResult [] r = Messaging.sendEmail(new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] {email});
    System.debug('**********Last Line Of The Code *********');

public static string gethtmlBody(List<Asset> assetList){

string tableData = '';
string htmlbody = '';
htmlbody =
+  '<body>'
+    '<STYLE type="text/css">'
+      'TH {font-size: 11px; font-face: arial;background: #CCCCCC;'
+           'border-width: 1;  text-align: center }'
+      'TD  {font-size: 11px; font-face: verdana }' 
+      'TABLE {border: solid #CCCCCC; border-width: 1}'
+      'TR {border: solid #CCCCCC; border-width: 1}'
+    '</STYLE>'
+    '<font face="arial" size="2">'
+      '<p>Dear Customers,</p>'
+      '<p>At #####, we understand it is essential to your long-range planning to be able to anticipate changes in your imaging systems. Therefore, we have developed a standard practice of giving you notice of any such change.</p>'
+     '<p>We are writing you today due to a change in the product lifecycle of the following systems:</p>'
+   '<p>ASSET_TABLE</p>'
+   '<p>Due to the age of this system/these systems, we will no longer be able to provide you with full service support.</p>'
+   '<p>However, because you are a valued ##### customer, we would like to offer you the SmartPath Loyalty Program, with incentives designed to help you transition to newer technology.</p>'
+   '<p>The SmartPath Loyalty Program provides a portfolio of solutions and innovations designed to optimize, enhance, and transform existing imaging system capabilities with new ##### solutions.</p>'
+   '<p>Current service agreements will continue through the scheduled expiration date, however after December 31st, CALENDAR_YEAR, if ##### determines that service coverage is hindered due to the unavailability of parts or trained personnel, or that the imaging system can no longer be maintained in a safe or effective manner as determined by #####, then ##### may terminate this Agreement pursuant to the Service Agreement Terms and Conditions. </p>'
+   '<p>##### values you as a customer and would like the opportunity to discuss this letter and your needs. Your ##### Account Manager can work with you to identify which product and service solution best fit your business requirements.</p>'
+   '<p>If you have immediate questions or concerns, please call us at <b>1-800-229-6417</b> or contact your local ##### Account Manager.</p>'
+   '<p>Sincerely,</p>'
+   '<p><b>##### </b></p>';

    //open table..
    tableData = '<table border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse"><tr><th>Asset Name</th><th>Product Number</th><th>Product Name</th><th>Serial Number</th><th>EOL Date</th></tr>';

    //iterate over list and output columns/data into table rows...
    for(Asset a : assetList){
        tableData += '<tr><td>' + a.Name + '<tr><td>' + a.ProductCode + '<tr><td>' + a.Product2.Name + '<tr><td>' + a.SerialNumber + '<tr><td>' + a.Asset_End_Of_Life__c + '</td></tr>';
//close table...
tableData += '</table>';
system.debug('********** tableData ************'+tableData);
htmlBody = htmlBody.replace('ASSET_TABLE', tableData);
return htmlBody


Can anyone tell is this is the right approach to get the data in tabular format or do i need to use other email template like visulaforce email template?

Thanks, Ravi

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