I followed the steps exactly mentioned here https://help.talend.com/reader/4cgA8~D~pdi5biHRfSvg_Q/ZoXS~zBdrcuQAx427Yv6Gw for connecting Talend to salesforce.

I have done the configuration in Talend and added the test(sandbox) URL in the advanced setting. I am facing an error while trying to establish the Oauth connection (JWT) between Talend ETL tool and salesforce: {'error':'invalid_grant','error_description':'invalid assertion'} Here is the screenshot of the configuration and error message: enter image description here

Please help to resolve this issue.

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Currently, Talend doesn't support JWT Flow for the sandboxes(test.salesforce.com). It only supports prod environments. I have personally faced this issue, where we have used username and password to connect to the test environments and JWT for production.

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