For some reason the _emailid in Email Send context returns back the legacy Email ID value instead of the Asset ID. Using what data we have (and because theres no other options) I have to query the Asset ID using the API /asset/query.

Here is the query parameters I've tried using but haven't been successful:

  "query": {
    "property": "legacy.LegacyId",
    "simpleOperator": "equals",
    "value": "XXX"

I've tried property:assetType.id which has been unsuccessful and I cant use the property:Id as that refers to the "Asset ID", which is the value I'm trying to get.


    "query": {
        "property": "Data.Email.LegacyData.LegacyId",
        "simpleOperator": "equals",
        "value": 16696
  • I think the correct path might be legacyData.LegacyId – Gortonington Jun 18 '19 at 11:09
  • I tried this, doesn't seem to work :( – Deployment Failure Jun 18 '19 at 11:10
  • Try the full path Data.Email.LegacyData.LegacyId – Gortonington Jun 18 '19 at 11:15
  • That didn't work either (returned no results), I have updated my original question incase the syntax is wrong. – Deployment Failure Jun 18 '19 at 11:23
  • 1
    I will try to look more into it later once I can get to a computer and see if I can find the issue – Gortonington Jun 18 '19 at 11:24

I know this question is pretty old, but I recently ran across the same issue and had luck by querying the path data.email.legacy.legacyId.

My api call looked like /asset/v1/content/assets?$filter=data.email.legacy.legacyId eq {{legacyId}}

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