I have 6 multi picklists.

I pushed all the selected values into Set

For Example:

Picklist A:



Picklist B:



Picklist C:




Assuming I selected all the values - Set will be :

Cherry;Apple, Apricots;Avocado, Banana;Blackberries;Blackcurrant

Which mean the Set is separated via ';' between the values in the same picklist, but between picklists it will be separated with ','

When I try now to use IN: in query, It kind of ruins me the query.

Any Idea how to replace everything to ';' or to ',' but not both?


If you have a Set<String>, then there are no commas unless you concatenate the Set with a String to see a String version of the Set.

If each item in the Set is a multi-select picklist value, and you are doing SOQL queries there are special keywords such includes and excludes to help construct the appropriate queries. See Querying Multi-Select Picklists for more information.

Use this search - https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/search?q=multi-select+picklist+query - to see examples on this forum too.

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