I am creating a dashboard to display the most recent day's worth of data. I have a sfdcDigest localized copy of a SFDC object that includes over a year's worth of records. I have a dataflow to create some DateToMeasures before outputting an sfdcRegister of the final data.

Currently, the dashboard has two tables and a date filter. The date filter correctly filters the data to the selected date range. The two tables display that filtered data aggregated at a division and unit level.

The requirement is now to remove the date filter and only present data from the most recent date for which data is available. I cannot filter on the created date being today as at start of business they would still like to see the data from the prior date.

I believe I want a SAQL querey to find the maximum date within the original dataset and then use that as the filter for a second querey. However, I am very new to Einstein and SAQL syntax and I am not sure how to complete this.

Is there a simple declarative way or can anyone suggest a SAQL method?

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