I am playing around with the force:org:clone command(which is in BETA) but can't get it to work.

Here's the command I put together: sfdx force:org:clone -u me@mysandbox.com.full -a FULL_CLONE -t sandbox

The error I get is: To indicate which sandbox org you want to clone, specify SourceSandboxName in a definition file or as a command line argument.

I looked at all the arguments that are listed for the command and don't see anything related to SourceSandboxName. Isn't the username making it clear enough which sandbox I am trying to clone?

In addition it appears that the documentation is incorrect, if you take a look at their example its referencing sfdx force:org:create.

Here's a link to the documentation: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.sfdx_cli_reference.meta/sfdx_cli_reference/cli_reference_force_org.htm


We got an answer on social media:

The docs for the sandbox operations and the help topic fixes are scheduled to be published today. -u needs to point to the org with sandbox licenses ie the prod org. SourceSandboxName is a field in the definition file, not the command and should reference sandbox being cloned.

The appropriate command will look like this:

sfdx force:org:clone -f config/cloned-sandbox.json -u prod-org -t sandbox

The docs should reflect this soon.

  • Thanks for following up on this. – Arthlete Jun 12 at 21:39

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