I have a library called Test, which has a folder in it called 123. The folder contains a single pdf file.

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I'm able to successfully query that file using the following SOQL statement.

SELECT Id, Title, FileExtension FROM ContentFolderItem WHERE ParentContentFolderId IN (SELECT Id FROM ContentFolder WHERE Name = '123')

Is there anyway to add to this query the condition to include the library name Test?

I was able to create the library, folder, and upload the pdf using the UI. How can I do all that with apex?

This is what I've done in my test code, but I can't navigate the relationships of all the sObjects involved.

    // create Library
    System.runAs ( new User(Id = UserInfo.getUserId()) ) {
        ContentWorkspace cw = new ContentWorkspace();
        cw.Name = 'Test';

        insert cw;        

    // creat file
    ContentVersion cv = new ContentVersion();
    cv.Title = 'dummy';
    cv.PathOnClient = 'dummy.pdf';
    cv.VersionData = EncodingUtil.base64Decode('test');

    insert cv;

     // create folder. There is no clear way to add this folder to a library using apex...
     ContentFolder f = new ContentFolder();
     f.Name = '123';

     insert f;

Then there needs to be some dml usage using ContentFolderItem and ContentFolderLink I believe...

After creating a folders, I've tried this code:

    ContentWorkspace cw = [SELECT Id FROM ContentWorkspace WHERE Name = 'Test'];

    Database.SaveResult[]  results = Database.insert(folders, true);

    List<ContentFolderLink> folderLinks = new List<ContentFolderLink>();

    for(Database.SaveResult r : results) {
        if(r.isSuccess()) {
            ContentFolderLink cfl = new ContentFolderLink();
            cfl.EnableFolderStatus = 'S';
            cfl.ParentEntityId = cw.Id;
            cfl.ContentFolderId = r.Id;


put I get a bunch of Field is not writeable errors.

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