This has been asked about 13 times in this forum already, but the answers seem vague or didn't work for me. So, here it is again. I am looking to show bell notifications in Lightning. Somehow. Be it via a chatter post or by creating a task or via Process Builder. I have tried several avenues but no dice. I am using a Developer Edition, Spring '19 (NOT Communities).

I looked at this post and executed below code from Developer Console, no notification. It did create a FeedItem record though.

FeedItem post = new FeedItem();
post.ParentId = '00546000002AhVY'; //This is a different System Admin Id
post.Body = 'This is body.';
post.Title = 'This is Title';
post.LinkUrl = '/lightning/r/acres__ABC__c/a054600000DnQW2AAN/view?0.source=alohaHeader';
insert post;

This article in 8.a. suggests In the Action Type menu, select Messaging Notifications. I don't see that option at all in Process Builder. I do see 'Post to Chatter' Action Type which didn't seem to do the trick either.

Here, @sfdcfox answered that 'custom' notifications are not possible.

The accepted answer here is a straight copy-paste from Salesforce Documentation around notifications for Tasks, but just feels incomplete/vague. It address how to add 'Reminder Set' field to Task layout, but not much about notifications itself.

I then tried a standard InvocableAction via workbench by posting below input to this endpoint without luck: /services/data/v45.0/actions/standard/chatterPost

{ "inputs" :
    "subjectNameOrId" : "sysadmin@company.com",
    "type" : "user",
    "text" : "first chatter post!"
    "subjectNameOrId" : "someone@company.com",
    "type" : "user",
    "text" : "second chatter post!"

Can someone, please, provide clear step-by-step (tested to be working) instructions on how to show bell notifications in Lightning UI? Could there be a setting I am missing?

My use-case

When a date field on a particular record is empty, I would like to send a bell notification to a user identified via another field on the same record: 'Hey User, this date field has been cleared. You are free to make your changes now.'

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