I have a Data Extension in which I have the path a different path for each image in the row. I am trying to pull this data in my email using an image block. How can I do it?

Should I be using image block here or an HTML block?


Basic AmpScript will get you there.

You can do it in either an image or an HTML block with some simple html.

An example can be found in this topic:

Trouble adding externally hosted images on emails

  • I am trying to use Image Block and in the URL section I am adding the URL as image.s7.sfmc-content.com/lib/fe921373776d027c74/m/1/… , where "Image_Name" is the field name on the Data Extension. But I am getting an error in preview section. – Lijo Johns Jun 12 at 0:27
  • The error is: HTML Version Personalization error: The personalization string "" was not found in the following data extension(s). To fix the problem, please try the following: - Make sure that there is not a space or typo within the personalization string in your email. For example, check and correct any spaces between percent signs (%%) - Verify that the field containing the personalization string value is in all data extensions used. - Correct the HTML Body of your email. – Lijo Johns Jun 12 at 0:30

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