I am receiving a phone field value from REST API call. Then I call JSON2Apex to convert the incoming data from JSON to Apex, so it automatically converts the phone data into string, since phone is not a valid data type for Apex. After that, I am trying to create a record and map the phone data (in String now) to a phone field in Salesforce, where it throws me an error. Is there any method in apex that converts string data into phone format so that the record can be created in Salesforce.

//Right side is the string value of the phone field and left side is the phone field on salesforce

customobjectobject.Home_Phone__c = Lead.Phone1;
insert customobject;    // here it throws error
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This is our org's implementation to convert string phones to E.164 phone formats. YMMV

  toE164    : Normalizes phone number to E.164 format
              somestring.toE164(String countryCode)
    Ideal solution would be an Apex port of Google libphonenumber but this is a huge library
    We'll do simple stuff, stripping out noise characters, extensions and adding back the country code
    Custom metadata could be used but for batch performance, static maps for now.
    If the number is not recognizable, unsupported country or too short, return asis.

    Converts (650)555-1212 to +16505551212
    Converts +44 (020) to +442088991122

    private class NationalPhoneNature {
        String countryCode;
        Integer minLen;
        Integer maxLen;
        String trunkCode;

        NationalPhoneNature withCountryCode(String val) {this.countryCode = val; return this;} 
        NationalPhoneNature withMinLen(Integer val) {this.minLen = val; return this;} 
        NationalPhoneNature withMaxLen(Integer val) {this.maxLen = val; return this;} 
        NationalPhoneNature withTrunkCode(String val) {this.trunkCode = val; return this;} 
    private static final map<String,NationalPhoneNature> NATIONAL_PHONE_NATURES_BY_COUNTRY_CODE = new map<String,NationalPhoneNature> {
        'CA' => new NationalPhoneNature().withCountryCode('1').withMinLen(10).withMaxLen(10).withTrunkCode('1'),
        'MX' => new NationalPhoneNature().withCountryCode('1').withMinLen(10).withMaxLen(10).withTrunkCode('1'),
        'UK' => new NationalPhoneNature().withCountryCode('44').withMinLen(9).withMaxLen(10).withTrunkCode('0'),
        'US' => new NationalPhoneNature().withCountryCode('1').withMinLen(10).withMaxLen(10).withTrunkCode('1')

    public static String toE164(String phoneNum) {
        return toE164(phoneNum, 'US');
    public static String toE164(String phoneNum, String isoCountryCode) {
        if (phoneNum == null) return null;
        if (!NATIONAL_PHONE_NATURES_BY_COUNTRY_CODE.containsKey(isoCountryCode)) return phoneNum; // not supported

        String phonePure = phoneNum.replaceAll('[^0-9]','');    // strip noise chars, leading +, etc.

        NationalPhoneNature nature = NATIONAL_PHONE_NATURES_BY_COUNTRY_CODE.get(isoCountryCode);
        //  Strip off country code, if any
        if (phonePure.startsWith(nature.countryCode)) {
            phonePure = phonePure.substring(nature.countryCode.length());
        //  Strip off trunk code, if any
        if (phonePure.startsWith(nature.trunkCode)) {
            phonePure = phonePure.substring(nature.trunkCode.length());

        //  Check what we have left to see if workable
        if (phonePure.length() < nature.minLen) {
            return phoneNum;

        //  If greater than max length, assume excess is an extension (not supported here)
        if (phonePure.length() > nature.maxLen) {
            phonePure = phonePure.substring(0,nature.maxLen);

        return '+' + nature.countryCode + phonePure;
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