Need help in Optimizing below code.

Requirement is to update "opportunity shared" checkbox on "Opportunity" object whenever opportunity is un-shared. (Delete trigger on "Opportunityteammember" object).

 trigger SharedOpportunity on OpportunityTeamMember (after delete) {

 List<Id> idOpp = new List<Id>();
 List<Opportunity> OpportunityToUpdate = new List<Opportunity>();

    if(trigger.isDelete) {

        for (OpportunityTeamMember op : trigger.old) {


    if(idOpp.isEmpty()) return;

    for(Id id : idOpp) {

        Opportunity opportunity = new Opportunity(Id = id);
        opportunity.Opportunity_Shared__c  = false;



    if(OpportunityToUpdate.size() > 0)


Your trigger will fail any time there is more than one OpportunityTeamMember on a record. It'll update the Opportunity.Opportunity_Shared__c field to false even when there is still an OpportunityTeamMember present other than the one deleted.

You'd need to perform a query before you decide which records to update. One approach would run roughly like this:

for (OpportunityTeamMember op : Trigger.old) {

for (Opportunity o : [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM OpportunityTeamMembers) FROM Opportunity WHERE Id IN :idOpp]) {
    if (o.OpportunityTeamMembers.size() == 0) {
        opportunitiesToUpdate.add(new Opportunity(Id = o.Id, Opportunity_Shared__c = false));

update opportunitiesToUpdate;

Your code as written is a bit "wordy". It's not terribly inefficient, but you could easily compress it in a way similar to the above and remove the unnecessary if checks.

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