In my LWC I'd like to open a standard "new record" dialog with predefined values. I know I can use:

    type: 'standard__objectPage',
    attributes: {
        objectApiName: 'Account',
        actionName: 'new'

But how can I specify values for the fields on that dialog?


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Currently, You can not set predefined values for it. I have raised the idea on Idea Exchange, you can upvote it.

You can use force:createRecord as a workaround. Here is the idea description :-

Aura component use the force:createRecordevent to display an prepopulated new record page. As we are migrating to Lightning web component, we do not have that ability.

Reference:- Allow setting pre-default values in record form by navigation service in LWC

Also, I have raised issue for it on Github, and as reply i get to know it is being planed for upcoming release.



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