I have an LWC in which I want to use EMP API. Docs say that's only currently available in Aura. Do I have to wrap my entire LWC in aura in order to add the EMP API, or can I create a utility aura component and do pub-sub to/from the LWC?

  • Adding to all the answers. I have created a library for the lightning web component to use streaming api. It does work in LWC, Aura and mobile app as well. github.com/TheVishnuKumar/lwc-streaming-api Note: I am using this in the live project for desktop and mobile app both. Jul 9 '19 at 2:51

Summer 19 is 1 week away, but that won't stop you from preparing it beforehand in your Summer 19 Sandbox or Scratch org.

lightning:empApi does not show LWC button as enabled as its referring to the Spring version of docs.

Also , the release notes dont tell us about how to use empAPI in LWC. I could not find any public documentation on about how to use it.

A quick way to refer docs of lwc is Summer 19 org is to visit the url


Sample Example :

    <lightning-card title="EmpApi Example" icon-name="custom:custom14">
        <div class="slds-m-around_medium">
            <p>Use the buttons below to subscribe and unsubscribe to a streaming channel!</p>
            <lightning-input label="Channel Name" value={channelName}
            <lightning-button variant="success" label="Subscribe" title="Subscribe"
                onclick={handleSubscribe} disabled={isSubscribeDisabled}
            <lightning-button variant="destructive" label="Unsubscribe" title="Unsubscribe"
                onclick={handleUnsubscribe} disabled={isUnsubscribeDisabled}


import { LightningElement, track } from 'lwc';
import { subscribe, unsubscribe, onError, setDebugFlag, isEmpEnabled } from 'lightning/empApi';

export default class EmpApiLWC extends LightningElement {
    @track channelName = '/event/Test__e';
    @track isSubscribeDisabled = false;
    @track isUnsubscribeDisabled = !this.isSubscribeDisabled;

    subscription = {};

    // Tracks changes to channelName text field
    handleChannelName(event) {
        this.channelName = event.target.value;

    // Handles subscribe button click
    handleSubscribe() {
        // Callback invoked whenever a new event message is received
        const messageCallback = function(response) {
            console.log('New message received : ', JSON.stringify(response));
            // Response contains the payload of the new message received

        // Invoke subscribe method of empApi. Pass reference to messageCallback
        subscribe(this.channelName, -1, messageCallback).then(response => {
            // Response contains the subscription information on successful subscribe call
            console.log('Successfully subscribed to : ', JSON.stringify(response.channel));
            this.subscription = response;

    // Handles unsubscribe button click
    handleUnsubscribe() {

        // Invoke unsubscribe method of empApi
        unsubscribe(this.subscription, response => {
            console.log('unsubscribe() response: ', JSON.stringify(response));
            // Response is true for successful unsubscribe

    toggleSubscribeButton(enableSubscribe) {
        this.isSubscribeDisabled = enableSubscribe;
        this.isUnsubscribeDisabled = !enableSubscribe;

    registerErrorListener() {
        // Invoke onError empApi method
        onError(error => {
            console.log('Received error from server: ', JSON.stringify(error));
            // Error contains the server-side error

How about option 3: Wait a week.

According to the release notes, EmpApi is currently slated to go live in LWC for Summer 19.

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    Yeah, they specifically referenced it in the release webinar yesterday (June 7th) Jun 8 '19 at 18:57

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