I am calling a Flow from Apex as below. In Flow I am running a duplicate check. If there is a duplicate I am saving it into a Variable that is marked as Available for output. How the return value is null. Has anyone had experience with return values from Flows?

        Flow.Interview.Duplicate_Payee_Check DupeCheck = new Flow.Interview.Duplicate_Payee_Check (params);

    // Obtain the results
    String returnValue = (String) DupeCheck.getVariableValue('ReturnValue');
    System.debug('Flow returned ' + returnValue);

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I'm going to (intelligently) guess that the issue is the variable in the flow is not the same spelling/case of ReturnValue. For example, if the flow defines the output variable as returnValue the getVariableValue('ReturnValue') method will return null

See SFDC doc on flow variables

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