<lightning:treeGrid aura:id="accountsTreeComponent"
                    expandedRows="{! v.gridExpandedRows }"
                    isLoading="{! v.isLoading }"
                    ontoggle="{! c.handleRowToggle }"

This is how I am using treegrid component.

When I expand a treegrid row, and then collapse it, automatically onrowselection event is fired, which calls onRowSelection action handler in JS controller.

I have made an important observation. This issue occurs in the following scenario:

  1. Expand a row (onrowtoggle fired)
  2. Select a child row(onrowselection fired)
  3. Collapse the parent row (onrowtoggle fired + onrowselection fired)

I believe step 3 internally deselects the child row selected in step 2 which results in firing of onrowselect event. This is certainly a faulty behaviour.

How can I prevent this?


I encountered a similar behavior with the LWC Tree Grid. To solve I simply wrapped that specific code in an if statement that checked the length based on the following console result when unchecking a row:

enter image description here


getSelected(event) {
   const selected = event.detail.selectedRows;
   // prevent execution on uncheck
   if(selected.length > 0) {
      // onselection code goes here

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Worked with salesforce support and they found this to be a platform bug that they will be working on as a bug (with the bug id of W-7599458, not sure where I was expected to check back on that?).

So as for now, this is not achievable using the LWC treegrid component.

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