I am creating a Salesfore Data entry source in a Journey. In the second step 'Entry Criteria' I have to apply a filter based on a date field

'XXX is greater than 'Today' plus 4 days'

That operator is available in the decision split but not in the entry criteria or filter criteria in the entry source. How is it possible? Is there a way to apply that type of criteria in the entry source?

By the way, I dont see that the date changes when I put the date field equals to 'Today'. It always seems to leave the date when the entry criteria was configured.


The way SF Data entry source works, there has to be a change within SFDC record. So the record has to be updated to not meeting criteria to meeting criteria. You can not say today + 4 since the record will not be updated to kick off the downstream process builder/apex workflow.

I would suggest using a boolean field, that you can set using a process within SFDC that marks it true when the date field is today + 4 and based your filter off this field

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