We want to develop a plugin in Salesforce to empower users to perform VoIP/CTI operations within the salesforce modules like Contact, opportunities, Lead and Account considering both classic and lightning modes. Our VoIP provider is kandy and we are planning to use their api to make call, receive call, transfer call etc.

Now the problem is architecting the application as i am not sure what approach would be best to cultivate such integration within salesforce. By doing some search over web i cam across few existing solution like CloudCall and Tiwlio where in they are introducing such solution as an external app that user can install in the salesforce.

To work on the same line i came across Salesforce Open CTI , i tried running its sample demo available only in lightning mode i.e. Open CTI Adapter in my salesforce environment.

But still not sure how would i able to customise the Open CTI as per our requirement using our VoIP provider. At the same time i am in a dilemma whether to create a separate app or look for another approach. So i would really appreciate if anyone can suggest roadmap to customise Open CTI or suggest another approach.

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