iOS cordova v6.3.1, Salesforce Mobile Hybrid SDK 4.2.0
​iOS cordova v8.0.0, Salesforce Mobile Hybrid SDK 6.2

App is built to install only on iPad devices.


On iOS App when user enters the login credentials, OAuth page is loaded for allowing or denying the access.
Here, upon tapping on ‘Allow’ button, salesforce classic or lightning web page is rendered instead of navigating to the html start page (index.html) defined in the mobile app. This is not happening for every customer but some of the user reported this issue and this is blocker for them

We tried to load below URL explicitly inside the app's WebView and observed that salesforce's web page is rendered.


But we couldn’t figure out whether this is the same URL which was generated and caused for classic/lightning web page get display inside Login View's Container? also how it gets generated run time is a grey area for us.

Workaround suggested:
User has to logout from the mobile app (using Setting Device App option) and login again.

FYR, screen wise workflow for an issue.

  1. Open the salesforce Hybrid SDK App, it launches login screen enter image description here
  2. After successful login, app navigate user to Allow Access screen enter image description here
  3. Now for some user app is loading salesforce classic OR Lightning view inside the Login Page's Container and app is not navigating to our app's index.html (meaning not giving control to Cordova's WebView to run our HTML, JAVASCRIPT code). enter image description hereenter image description here

Please advise/help, what might be causing this behaviour?

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