I want to sum the number of Opportunities Related Links using a field trigger (I know I can do a roll up summary, but i cant use it as it is unclickable for the object I am using); I was wondering how I could trigger an Apex Trigger based off changes to the related links of an object?

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You cannot. Triggers fire only upon changes to the object type to which they are assigned; that is

trigger MyTrigger on Account (before update) {

will only ever run on changes to the Account record. While those changes may be fired indirectly through sequences of events that start with a child record update, via automation, other Apex code, or roll-up summary fields, the trigger will only ever execute if an Account is affected by DML.

You cannot use a Roll-Up Summary Field in a situation where records are related by a Lookup Relationship, or if the criteria involve a formula field or anything else that falls outside the narrow scope of allowed criteria for a Roll-Up Summary Field.

Your other options are basically roll your own RUSF using Apex triggers, which will involve a child object trigger and possibly also a parent trigger (for parents that support merges), or use a tool like the free, open source Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries package, which I recommend all the time. DLRS allows you to build roll ups across lookup relationships and use complex criteria.

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