I'm trying to get field values at Lightning:recordEditForm onSubmit() event.In the documentation example it shows below.

enter image description here

my onSubmit event handler as below, enter image description here

I end up getting error,

enter image description here

[event.detail is undefined]

Not too sure why I'm getting this error, I hope it's correct as per documentation.

Question: Why do I get this error, seems not a spelling mistake?

Also wondering where to find any documentation on what's available in Lightning:recordEditForm onSubmit event's parameters? Lightning component Library Documentation seems not covering much information this regard.

Appreciate any help, suggestions on this. Cheers!


Reference documentation is incorrect; i.e.: of lightning web component: lightning-record-edit-form, where to access the data we use:

console.log('fields: ' + JSON.stringify(event.detail.fields));

And in your example, you are working with lightning aura component: lightning:recordEditForm, here the syntax is:

console.log('fields: ' + JSON.stringify(event.getParam('fields')));
  • Thank you, appreciate your help @Raul, got misled by same same name. By any chance do you know where I could find what attributes are included in fields , couldn't find any documentation around it. Thanks! – Pasan Eeriyagama Jun 2 '19 at 23:44
  • You're welcome, and it returns an object or map of fields, you could find more information on documentation tab of component. – Raul Jun 3 '19 at 4:44

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