//trigger code

trigger mailsentcreateaccusindtri on Account (after insert) 
    //list<string> mail= new list<string>();
    if(trigger.isafter && trigger.isinsert)
          list<string> mail= new list<string>();

        list<user> u=[select id, name, email from user where profile.name = 'system administrator'];
        for(user us: u)
        for(account acc: trigger.new){
            messaging.SingleEmailMessage mg= new messaging.singleEmailmessage();

            mg.setToaddress(new string[] {mail});
            mg.setSubject('New account cretaed on '+acc.createddate);
            mg.setPlainTextBody('New account has been created with the name of '+acc.name);

            list<messaging.SingleEmailMessage> messages= new list<messaging.SingleEmailMessage>();


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    I believe your error is in this line? mg.setToaddress(new string[] {mail}); If yes, you are creating a new list of string and add on that another list of string. You could change only by mg.setToaddress(mail); – m Peixoto May 31 '19 at 8:57

The mg.setToaddress() method expects a parameter of type List<String> as you already know.

And your mail variable is already of type List<String>.

So you don't need to insert it inside a new array of type String.

The right code is: mg.setToaddress(mail);

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