I'm trying to create an email using the Python FuelSDK package and I'm getting the following error:

Post Status: False Code: HTTPStatus.OK Message: Error Result Count: 1 Results: [(CreateResult){ StatusCode = "Error" StatusMessage = "Unable to save email into a non-email category type; type was asset." OrdinalID = 0 NewID = 0 Object = (Email){ PartnerKey = None ObjectID = None Name = "05/20/2019 - High Alert" CategoryID = 920875 HTMLBody = "..."

I'm using the following properties:

Subject: string
HTMLBody: HTML string
CategoryID: integer
EmailType: "HTML"
IsHTMLPaste: "true"

Why doesn't that work? The Category ID is the correct Folder ID (confirmed using the ET_Folder() class through a get()).

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