We have some tests that use System.runAs for a User created like this:

    Contact c = ...;

    Profile p = [
        select Id
        from Profile
        where UserType = 'CspLitePortal'
        limit 1
    insert u = new User(
        ProfileId = p.id,
        ContactId = c.id,

and they have started failing in the last 2 weeks. Seems like a sharing problem, where the test - running as a SA User - inserts rows, but the System.runAs User can't see them for custom objects and objects like Attachment.

Anyone else having this problem? Summer '19? Or a side effect of Multi-Instance Core and Communities Service Disruption starting May 17, 2019? Workarounds?


Changing with sharing to without sharing eliminates the problem but is not a change that makes sense for production use.


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This is related to Summer'19 changes:

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