Analytics SAQL Reference says it supports the week for dateCols in fill statement of SAQL, however it does not support weekfield.

Salesforce doc https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.bi_dev_guide_saql.meta/bi_dev_guide_saql/bi_saql_statement_fill.htm Here is what I am trying

    q = load "Test_Dataset";
    q = group q by ('Reported_Date__c_Year','Reported_Date__c_Week');
    q = foreach q generate 'Reported_Date__c_Year' as 'Received_Year','Reported_Date__c_Week' as 'Received_Week', count() as 'wkTotal';   
    q = fill q by (dateCols=(Received_Year, Received_Week, "Y-W"));
    q = limit q 2000;

where Received_Year is YearField and Received_Week is WeekField. When I tried above saql it gives error saying : Type of dateCols is not one of the allowed types.

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